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Raya Salter Story

Raya Salter

Raya Salter’s testimony before Congress becomes a moment of reckoning for the environmental movement.

Brandy Hyatt Story

Brandy Hyatt

Brandy Hyatt shares their experience navigating industry events and the challenges that come with hypervisibility.

Cristina Garcia Story

Cristina Garcia

Cristina Garcia shares her experience applying to jobs as a first-generation Latina and how it led to founding an organization.

Mike Harrington Story


Mike shares how he remained firm in his expertise while working in his community for a predominantly-white organization.

Renée Chacon story

Renée M. Chacon

Renée M. Chacon shares insights into how colonial constructs continue to impact her community and, in turn, all of us.

Anonymous Story


A Policy Manager shares her experience overcoming workplace emotional abuse.

Melina Acevedo Story

Melina Acevedo

Melina Acevedo shares her experience navigating the job search process as a first-generation college graduate.

Dhruti Patel Story

Dhruti Patel

Dhruti Patel shares the patterns of behavior she experienced in the corporate realm.